Native Pathways (WIOA) Employment and Training

Workforce and Training Program

Native Pathways has been serving low-income and unemployed Native Americans in West Texas since 1979. Native Pathways recognizes the growing need for employment & training assistance among Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians. Our mission is to help participants become economically self-sufficient by providing them with an array of career services.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any individual who is a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe

  • Reside within Service Area (1 of 122 West TX Counties)

  • Must be Unemployed, Underemployed (earning a wage below your skillset or working part-time but desires full-time employment), Low-Income, or Seeking Training Assistance

Join Native Pathways & Receive:

  • Technical and Vocational Tuition Assistance

  • Educational & Career Counseling

  • Job Placement & Work Experience Internships

  • Professional Development Workshops


Q Do I have to be Native?

Yes, we serve federally recognized Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians.

Q Do I have to live in El Paso

We serve 122 counties of West Texas.

Q What type of proof do i need to verify tribal membership?

Tribal Enrollment Card, CDIB Card or Letter, Birth Certificate, Tribal Documents, etc.

Q Do you all pay me for training?

For Training Assistance, we only cover tuition costs for Certifications and Technical/Vocational training.

Q Can I receive services if I don't live in El Paso or San Antonio?

Yes, we offer all services virtually and can refer you to your local workforce office for resources, if needed.

Q Do you assist with higher education (BA/BS,MS/MA, or PhD)?

We can only provide assistance for Certifications and Technical/Vocational training. Tuition cost can be up to $10,000 which will depend on funding availability and student need.

Q I am a member of a Native American tribe but it is not federally recognized, do I still qualify?

Unfortunately, you do not qualify for Native Pathways at this time. However, we highly encourage you to contact or visit your local workforce office and ask them about their WIOA program. WIOA is free and available to anyone and is dedicated to provide employment and training services as well. Best wishes for a successful job search!

Q At what age can I enroll in the program?

18 and over

Q Are these services free?

Yes, we provide you with an array of career services at no cost to you!